M.A. in Ethics and Society

The Center for Ethics Education at Fordham University administers a Master of Arts in Ethics and Society. This program provides students with a cross-disciplinary foundation in the application of moral and ethical theory to social issues. In this era of increased need for ethical discourse in academic, professional, and public life, the master’s program draws upon theological, philosophical, human sciences and other areas of ethical discourse to help advance the common good.

The Master of Arts in Ethics and Society graduate program embodies the university’s mission to offer education in the Jesuit tradition of intellectual excellence enriched through moral values, religious concerns, and active engagement in creating a caring and just world. Students are provided with valuable opportunities to develop moral competence and character, and contribute to community welfare and national policy that advance the common good.

The Ethics and Society graduate program provides students with an opportunity to explore ethical understandings from a wide range of academic disciplines, and engage in finding solutions to society’s pressing ethical issues from numerous perspectives.

With our noted interdisciplinary faculty and opportunities for real-world ethics education, this program aims to enhance the broad intellectual background and ethical decision-making abilities and offers students:

♦ Multidisciplinary education tailored to individual interests, with electives in science, business, and law

♦ Solid grounding in frameworks from from philosophy, moral theology, bioethics, and social justice.

♦ Preparation for employment and career advancement in professional and non-profit sectors focused on serving the public good, as well as advanced study in doctoral and professional degree programs

♦ Experience with practical applications and ethical decision-making (including practicum experiences throughout New York City).

Please feel free to contact the Center for Ethics Education Director, Dr. Celia Fisher, with any questions or to discuss the program in more detail.

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