Modern Family: Dr. Celia B. Fisher Discusses Ethics, Biological Parenthood & Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryos

Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Director Dr. Celia B. Fisher
Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Director Dr. Celia B. Fisher

On Thursday, April 30th, Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Dr. Celia B. Fisher was interviewed by ABC 7 Eyewitness News on the ethics of the right to biological parenthood and the moral responsibility of prospective parents. These issues were raised in the context of actress Sofia Vergara’s current legal battle with her ex-fiancé regarding the future of two frozen embryos they created when they were together.

In an op-ed in the New York Times on Wednesday, businessman and Vergara’s ex-fiancé Nick Loeb argues that despite a contractual agreement they made when creating the embryos stating that both parties must be in agreement regarding any decisions affecting the embryos, he should have the right to implant and gestate the embryos via a surrogate.

The agreement, however, did not specify what would happen to the embryos if they could had decided to separate – a provision that is required by California law.

While the legal issues of the case may be cut and dry, as Fisher discusses, the ethics are not as clear.

“This case brings up very interesting issues regarding the right to biological parenthood,” Fisher explained during the interview. “This goes beyond the moral status of an embryo, but what is the moral responsibility of two individuals who decide they may or may not want to be parents in the future.”

Dr. Fisher was also quoted in an article by the Associated Foreign Press.


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