Shifting Sands: Absolutism to Relativism in Irish Medical Ethics

By Adam McAuley, Ph.D.

On Thursday, June 13th, the Irish government published its Abortion Bill to regulate the extremely limited circumstances under which an abortion is lawful in Ireland. The Bill’s conscientious objection provision reflects the limited development of ethical thought, debate and education in Ireland.

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Ethics and Society Newsfeed: June 4th 2013

Mississippi Turns to Cord Blood to Track Down Statutory Rapists
Starting in July, doctors and midwives will be required to take umbilical cord blood samples from some babies born to mothers under the age of 16. Officials will then analyze the samples and try to identify the father from the state’s DNA database.

Join Wall Street. Save the World.
Can a person do more good by taking a high-paying job and then donating a large portion of it to charity than they could from working in academia or for a non-profit organization?

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Ethics and Society Newsfeed: May 29th 2013

Three-Parent Embryos: Mitochondrial Transfer IVF is Worth Pursuing 
Even though it is technically possible to create an embryo using the genetic material of three parents, is it ethically desirable?

The Abortion Issue Returns
With the Supreme Court hearing cases on various contentious issues, they are likely to return to one of their most enduring controversies: abortion.
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Unrepresentative: How the NRA and Planned Parenthood Failed Recent Tests

By Michael Peppard

The donor rolls of the National Rifle Association and Planned Parenthood do not share many of the same names. But these organizations’ responses to the events of recent months—especially the Sandy Hook shooting and the trial of Kermit Gosnell—have demonstrated that they do share a troubling characteristic. Both reject reasonable limitations on the particular liberty for which they advocate. In so doing, they disregard the well-regulated liberties that vast majorities of our country desire.

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