Ethics in the News – Using Cord Blood to track Rapists, Babies sleeping in cardboard boxes and Can vinegar save your live?, June 4th 2013

Mississippi Turns to Cord Blood to Track Down Statutory Rapists
Starting in July, doctors and midwives will be required to take umbilical cord blood samples from some babies born to mothers under the age of 16. Officials will then analyze the samples and try to identify the father from the state’s DNA database.

Join Wall Street. Save the World.
Can a person do more good by taking a high-paying job and then donating a large portion of it to charity than they could from working in academia or for a non-profit organization?

Jewish Perspectives on Bioethics: Taking Risks for Prevention
What does Jewish law say about preventative surgery like Angelina Jolie’s?

Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes
All mothers who give birth in Finland have the option of receiving a box full of baby supplies from the State, all of which comes in a cardboard box which can double as a crib. Are these  boxes the key to Finland’s low infant mortality rate?

Salvadoran Woman Who Sought Abortion Delivers Baby
The Salvadoran woman who was denied an abortion delivered the baby at 27 weeks by Caesarean section on Monday.

Vinegar Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives
Swabbing a woman’s cervix with vinegar could reduce cervical cancer deaths in areas where pap smears are not readily available.

Men’s Use of Testosterone on the Rise
Is testosterone being used for enhancement, in addition to therapeutic purposes?

British Mother Gives Birth to First Baby Born via EEVA IVF Technique
A British psychologist is the first person to give birth following a new IVF embryo screening technique.

Plastic Bags to Keep Premature Babies Warm
Could swaddling premature babies in plastic improve infant mortality rates?

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