Ethics & Society Newsfeed: June 12th 2013

Is everyone out to steal my umbrella?
Is it ethical to take someone’s umbrella from the umbrella basket at the front of a restaurant if your similar-looking umbrella was taken by someone else? Also, is it ethical to wear non-prescription eyeglasses to appear more intelligent?

Behind Cry for Help from China Labor Camp
An Oregon woman buys Halloween decorations, and finds a letter from a Chinese labor camp prisoner inside. Who actually wrote the letter and what could and should be done?

Hospitals Want to Test Drug with No Consent
A group of doctors is proposing a study that would consider whether brain trauma patients should be given emergency treatment without their consent.

Surgeons Use ‘Super Glue’ to Mend a Baby’s Brain
A sterile surgical glue was used to treat a 3-week-old baby’s bleeding aneurysm.

The Oldest Man in History Dies at 116
He died of natural causes, and his family said he had a good appetite.

Doctors Add Appeals Process for Kids Waiting for Adult Lung Transplants
The ethical debate surrounding organ transplants for children.

Britain to Regulate e-Cigarettes as Medicine from 2016
Electronic cigarettes will be treated as non-prescription medication.

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