Ethics in the News – China’s Labor Camps, No Consent Drug Tests, Super Glue for Surgeons and much more. June 12th 2013

Is everyone out to steal my umbrella?
Is it ethical to take someone’s umbrella from the umbrella basket at the front of a restaurant if your similar-looking umbrella was taken by someone else? Also, is it ethical to wear non-prescription eyeglasses to appear more intelligent?

Behind Cry for Help from China Labor Camp
An Oregon woman buys Halloween decorations, and finds a letter from a Chinese labor camp prisoner inside. Who actually wrote the letter and what could and should be done?

Hospitals Want to Test Drug with No Consent
A group of doctors is proposing a study that would consider whether brain trauma patients should be given emergency treatment without their consent.

Surgeons Use ‘Super Glue’ to Mend a Baby’s Brain
A sterile surgical glue was used to treat a 3-week-old baby’s bleeding aneurysm.

The Oldest Man in History Dies at 116
He died of natural causes, and his family said he had a good appetite.

Doctors Add Appeals Process for Kids Waiting for Adult Lung Transplants
The ethical debate surrounding organ transplants for children.

Britain to Regulate e-Cigarettes as Medicine from 2016
Electronic cigarettes will be treated as non-prescription medication.

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