Student Voices

The Fordham University Student Voices section of the Center for Ethics Education’s Ethics & Society blog will serve as a space for Fordham undergraduate and graduate students to discuss, explore and analyze ethics-related current news events, scholarship, and contemporary issues within the Fordham community and beyond.

Posts in the Student Voices section are written by Fordham University undergraduate and graduate students. The Center for Ethics Education edits and produces the students’ blog posts while providing them with training on how to write clear, concise academic content for a wider audience.

Our vision for Student Voices is one of inclusion and relevant discourse – a project that transforms the way that students across departments interact with one another, Fordham faculty, and the national and global ethics communities. It is our goal that Student Voices becomes an essential part of life for students while at Fordham and after they graduate.

Student Voices Blog

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  1. It’s great to see Fordham students taking on the role of child advocates. Young victims of domestic and neighborhood violence and school bullying are very often scarred for life. What our young generation truly needs are caring souls like yourselves who will stand up for and support them as they grow up in and come to grips with this challenging and in many ways troubled world.

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