Ethics in the News – Synthetic blood in Scotland, health services for transgender sex workers in Mumbai and much more, May 30th 2013

Go-Ahead to Develop Synthetic Blood in Scotland
Researchers have been given a licence to use stem cells to manufacture blood that could eventually be tested on people.

Female and Transgender Sex Workers in Mumbai Face Barriers to Sexual Health Services
Female and transgender sex workers face limited access to healthcare, social discrimination, uncertain income and police harassment.

For New Doctors, 8 Minutes Per Patient
A new study suggests that doctors-in-training are spending less time with patients than ever before.

1-in-13 People Have Bendy Chimp Feet
Those with chimp feet are better able to climb trees.

DSM-5 and Caffeine Intoxication: Could Coffee-Drinking Brew a Mental Disorder?
Your caffeine habit could induce a temporary mental disorder.

Vatican Clarifies Pope’s ‘Atheist’ Remarks
Bad news for those who reject the teachings of Christ, according to the Vatican.

Breakup of Physician, Drug Company Relationship Could Improve Health Care, Cut Cost
Are the days of free samples and Lipitor pens over?

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