Ethics in the News – Targeting cancer cells, “Crack baby” scare and much more, May 28th 2013

An Insider’s Guide to 3D Printing
Confused about the 3D printing phenomenon? This new technology has plenty of hype, but is it the future of manufacturing and biotechnology?

Link to Ethical Scandal Tarnishes Prestigious Award
Former Surgeon General Dr. Thomas Parran Jr. (1936-1948) was ahead of his time, but he was also complicit in two of the most egregious medical scandals of the 20th century. What does this mean for the prestigious Parran Award? 
What are scientists to do when they name their most prestigious award for an icon linked years later to unethical research?  

Researchers Target Cancer Cells
Researchers target cancer cells in the hopes of monitoring circulating tumor cells and improving cancer treatment.

ReNeuron Stock Jumps After Stem Cell Study Results
Shares in a stem cell business rise after it unveiled details of progress in clinical trial on stem cell therapy for disabled stroke patients.

‘Crack Baby’ Scare Overblown, According to New Research
A new study found little proof of any long-term effects in children whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy.

Laugh-Induced Seizure: A Case Report
This study discusses an extremely rare case when laughing generated seizure activity.

Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food
After several thousand years of growing our own food, what effects does this have on the nutritional content of our produce?

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