Ethics in the News – VSELS Stem Cells: Mixing Science and Religion, Pope Francis on Gay Catholics and much more, July 29th 2013

Bioethicist: Failed search for controversial cells shows danger of mixing science, religion
Dr. Arthur Caplan of NYU discusses science, religion and the ethics of VSELS (very small embryonic-like stem cells).

Banking stem cells in the hope of a live-saving cure
A French company is offering people the opportunity to bank their own stem cells in the hope that one day they can be used in their own treatment to possibly grow replacement organs.

Pope Francis Discusses Gay Catholics: ‘Who am I to judge?’
The pontiff tells journalists that gay people should be welcomed into society rather than ostracized.

Scottish strategy on organ donation includes suggestion of funeral costs of donor families
The UK’s Nuffield Council for Bioethics’ suggestion of paying the funeral costs of organ donors has been included in the Scottish Government’s organ donation strategy.

A Closer Look at ‘Nonhuman Personhood’ and Animal Welfare
Is it ethical to assign “personhood” to certain animals, but eat other ones? Is a dolphin more deserving of special consideration than a pig?

Born good? Babies help unlock the origins of morality
Can infants tell right from wrong? If they are able to do so, how could we tell?

‘In vitro’ beef: it’s the meat of the future
Next week, a hamburger made of in vitro beef will be served in London. It will cost approximately $384,000. Is this the future of meat production or simply a very expensive lunch?

Pfizer sells key vaccine cheaply to poor countries
The pharma giant has agreed to provide hundreds of millions of doses of its vaccine against pneumonia and meningitis at a fraction of the usual cost to children in poor countries.

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