Perspectives on Moral Worth: What We Owe to Others and Why

Joseph Vukov (left) discusses perspectives on moral worth on April 15, 2015
Joseph Vukov (left) discusses perspectives on moral worth on April 15, 2015

Many ethical questions require us to carefully consider the meanings of personhood and moral worth, in order to determine what we owe to others, and why. Fordham University Department of Philosophy Ph.D. Candidate and Research Fellow Joseph Vukov addressed this question at a Center for Ethics Education Faculty Seminar on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 in Keating Hall on Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus.

Vukov’s lecture focused on the question of personhood and moral status among individuals with severe brain trauma and other cognitive impairments. Following Vukov’s lecture, Dr. Charles Camosy of Fordham University’s Theology Department provided a response, read in his absence by Dr. Michael Baur, Associate Professor of Philosophy.

The lecture, response and resulting questions and comments from the audience were live-Tweeted by @FordhamEthics using the hashtag #moralworth, to enable the speakers and anyone else to join in the conversation.

Follow the ongoing debate on Storify and feel free to contribute to the conversation using #moralworth or tweeting @FordhamEthics.

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