Invitation to Open Meeting on APHA Ethics Code Revision

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Public Health Code of Ethics Revision Kick-Off Meeting

The new APHA Ethics Code Task Force (ECTF) invites you to an open meeting for all APHA members at the annual APHA meeting Monday, November 2, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. in Room S105A at McCormick Place Convention Center.

The first Public Health Code of Ethics, adopted by APHA in 2002, represented a major milestone, envisioned as a living document that would change over time to accommodate and respond to shifts and innovations in the field. The ECTF, chaired by Celia B. Fisher under the guidance of the APHA Ethics Section, comprises APHA members from a broad range of science, practice, policy, and teaching activities.

We are committed to a transparent and representative process to develop a document that reflects the values of the field and provides practical guidance for promoting and protecting the health of people, communities, and ecosystems in which we live. The ECTF looks forward to recommendations from and open discussion with APHA members.

“Achieving the healthiest nation in one generation will require all public health practitioners to address with the highest integrity the ethical challenges we face in research, practice, and policy.”

– Lisa M. Lee, Inaugural Chair of the APHA Ethics Section.

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