Ethics in the News: Apple vs. FBI, The Moral Complexity of Sex Work, Access to Contraception, Taxing the Wrongfully Convicted, & More – February 26, 2016


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Apple vs. FBI is a sign of a dangerous divide
Rogers and Grumet examine Apple’s decision to fight a court order to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino, California, attack last year. They look at the ethical restraints on the FBI wanting software to unlock these devices.

Is Legalizing Prostitution the Best Way to Tackle Sex Trafficking
Bodenner discusses sex trafficking and the ways to combat it through different policies. He looks at the moral complexity of sex work, and the failure to protect many men and women involved.

UN: Zika-hit nations should allow access to contraception
The UN has released a video stating Zika hit nations should be allowed access to contraception.

The States of forced labor
How do the demands for fair wages play out across a global stage, and what are the new ethical standards that should be applied to migrant workers?

How Sex Trafficking Goes Unnoticed in America
Alvarez looks at how sex workers are identified in cases, and the unethical, often times harmful treatment of victims.

New HRC Report Reveals Unprecedented Onslaught of State Legislation Targeting Transgender Individuals
There is an incoming onslaught of anti-transgender legislation, targeting everything from name-change laws to restroom use.

Tehran’s ‘Baby’ American made Nuclear Reactor Plugs on
Krever looks at the same nuclear development that once isolated Iran from the western world, and the implications of their new “open” program. Is it ethical for intervention in this case? Or unethical to disallow a country to pursue their own interests?

Debtors’ Prison in 21st-Century America
Benns and Strode discuss the ethical concerns of jailing mostly poor, minority citizens with outstanding debt.

The Scourge of the Female Chore Burden
How does the gender wage gap still exist? What are the moral implications of gender roles that still expect women to carry the burden of housework?

Taxing the wrongfully convicted
White explores the excessive financial burdens of former inmates.

Oregon’s Smart Approach to a Minimum Wage
Lam looks at the efficacy and ethics of Oregon’s new tiered minimum wage system.

The Promise of Integrated Schools
Melinda Anderson looks at the persistent race problem and segregation of schools in the U.S.


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