Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum and Classroom Climate

For more information, please visit & “like” RELAY: Resources & Education for LGBT & Allied Youth:

On October 2, 2013, the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education hosted a discussion with faculty and teaching fellows across a broad array of disciplines on creating LGBTQ inclusive curricula and welcoming classroom experiences.

The discussion included brief presentations by Fordham faculty from different departments and honest discussion illuminating opportunities for and challenges of creating LGBTQ curricula and welcoming classroom climate.

list of recommendations and teaching resources emerged from this very fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue. Some of the recommendations include challenging heterosexist assumptions, developing inclusive (rather than “us versus them”) terminology, and increasing visibility of LGBTQ role models and allies.


In addition, the teaching resources are available to assist faculty, teaching fellows, and adjunct instructors in integrating LGBTQ content into the curriculum and foster inclusive classroom and campus climates, and include general LGBTQ resources, discipline-specific resources, and resources at Fordham University.

All of the recommendations and teaching resources are available at The Center for Ethics Education will periodically update this site and welcomes suggestions and resources from administrators, faculty and students, e-mailed to

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