Introducing Student Voices: Fordham University students’ perspectives on ethical issues

By: Student Voices Editorial Board

The Fordham University Center for Ethics Education is delighted to announce the launch of Student Voices, a new section of the Ethics & Society blog. Student Voices will serve as a space for Fordham undergraduate and graduate students to discuss, explore and analyze ethics-related current news events, scholarship, and contemporary issues within the Fordham community and beyond.

Frequently, students find themselves involved in very interesting ethical discussions in the classroom, only to run out of time and not have a chance to express their opinion, or learn from the contributions of others. It is our hope that Student Voices will serve as the primary platform for both undergraduate and graduate students to continue these and initiate new conversations.

Creating a space for Fordham students to engage in dialogue on ethical issues outside the classroom is in line with the university’s mission of fostering the intellectual, moral and religious development of its students and preparing them for leadership in a global society that promotes social justice.

Student bloggers from across the university and particular in the Ethics Center’s Master of Arts in Ethics and Society and interdisciplinary minor in Bioethics are encouraged to contribute.

Our vision for Student Voices is one of inclusion and relevant discourse – a project that transforms the way that students across departments interact with one another, Fordham faculty, and the national and global ethics communities. It is our goal that Student Voices becomes an essential part of life for students while at Fordham and after they graduate.

Submissions should be between 300 and 1,000 words, may be edited for content and length, and may include accompanying images.

Student Voices blog submissions may be in the following forms:

1)     Your reaction to, opinion or analysis of a current news topic with an ethical dimension.

2)     Your reaction to, opinion or analysis of an ethical dimension of contemporary scholarship (e.g. an article or book).

3)     A piece of original research or commentary on an ethical issue of contemporary import.

4)     A response to a post that previously appeared in the Student Voices or the primary Ethics & Society blog.

Michael Menconi (FCRH ’15) and Ken Ochs (FCRH ’15) are the student editors of Student Voices. Dr. Elizabeth Yuko is the senior editor of the Ethics & Society blog and can be reached at Feel free to contact the editors with any questions, comments, or submissions. 

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