Asst. Director Dr. Adam Fried Takes Over as Ethics Editor for Clinical Psychology Publication

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Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Assistant Director Dr. Adam Fried is the new editor of the ethics column of The Clinical Psychologist, a publication of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Fried’s first column on affirming ethical responsibilities, appeared in the Spring 2015, Volume 68, Issue 1 of the publication of Division 12 of the APA comprised of professional clinical psychologists.

“As column editor, I hope to discuss some of the most pressing ethical issues facing clinical psychologists and highlight particularly relevant and interesting research findings that inform practice, research and policy,” Fried wrote in his first column.

“Like my predecessors, I will attempt to give voice to those questions that may be most vexing. Some may relate to the changing landscape of the field of psychology, such as the appropriate use of new technologies (telehealth, social media, electronic communication). For example, what are the ethical implications of having a professional online presence and to what are the ethical questions associated with social media relationships with patients/clients. What are our ethical responsibilities to ensure data security in an increasingly digital, cloud-based world?”

Dr. Adam Fried is the Assistant Director of the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, and the Director of the M.A. in Ethics & Society and Interdisciplinary Bioethics Minor.

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