Ethics in the News – Teachers on TikTok, Student Loan Forgiveness, Abortion Care, and More

Ethics in the Workplace 

The Tricky Ethics of Being a Teacher on TikTok
“The hashtags #teacher and #teachersoftiktok have a combined 72.1 billion views on TikTok. While many of these videos feature educators simply discussing their job, others take place inside the classroom and include children’s voices, faces, and schoolwork. And even though many teachers on the platform clearly understand how to safeguard their students, the rise of these accounts does raise a number of ethical questions: Should educators really be filming while they’re teaching? Is it acceptable to share children’s work with hundreds of thousands of strangers who may mock it, no matter how young the child or inconsequential the work? Do kids and their parents consent to having their voices and faces shared online?” 

Is It OK to Take a Law-Firm Job Defending Climate Villains?
“But the firm’s work entails defending large corporations that I’m ethically opposed to, including many polluters and companies that I feel are making the apocalyptic climate situation even worse. Even if I only stay at the firm for a short time to pay off my loans, I would be helping in these efforts for some time.”

Ethics Corner: Ethical, Legal Considerations for Remote Work
“With the reduction in daily connectivity to co-workers, supervisors and workplace resources — as well as the shift away from traditional methods of training, connecting and monitoring — the risk is greater than ever that employees could begin overlooking, or at the very least, become laxer in adhering to company ethics and compliance obligations and best practices.”

Technology and Business

Ethical AI, Possibility or Pipe Dream?
“Privacy and AI are inextricably linked. Many AI systems are designed to pass ‘judgment’ on people and are trained on personal information. It is fundamental to a fair society that privacy is not abused in teaching AI algorithms, and that ultimate judgments are accurate, not misused, and free of bias. This is the purpose of ethical AI.”   

Universities Are Making Ethics a Key Focus of Artificial Intelligence Research
“As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more commonplace in our lives, many activists and academics have raised concerns about the ethics of this technology, including issues with maintaining privacy and preventing bias and discrimination.”


U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Censuring Members of a Governing Body
“Can members of a governing body be censured? The Supreme Court concluded that the longstanding practice of a governing body censuring one of its members does not violate the First Amendment.”

Justice Department seeks to entice companies to be better corporate citizens.
“The agency is trying to motivate more people to come forward, through the promise of leniency or other benefits, to identify wrongdoing.”

Cuomo Files Ethics Complaint Against Letitia James
Former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo filed a lengthy state ethics complaint on Tuesday against Letitia James, the New York State attorney general, accusing her of deliberately mishandling the investigation that found he sexually harassed multiple former and current government employees 

2 GOP lawmakers are looking into whether Biden’s student-loan forgiveness is a ‘serious ethics violation’ and benefits staffers who helped craft the policy
“On Thursday, Ranking Member on the Committee on Oversight and Reform James Comer and Ranking Member on the Committee on Education and Labor Virginia Foxx wrote a letter to the White House regarding potential ethics violations with Biden’s $20,000 student-loan forgiveness plan announced in August. Specifically, in the letter — addressed to Counsel to the President Stuart Delery — the two Republican lawmakers said they are looking into whether “officials who worked on the student loan bailout will personally benefit from this financial windfall.””

Research and Healthcare

‘How do we support each other?’: A physician and ethicist on the difficult decisions doctors now face in abortion care
“As new abortion bans are enacted around the country, physicians working with pregnant patients are facing potential ethical and legal dilemmas. Even if a law allows for an exception when the life of the mother is at risk, there are no clear answers for doctors trying to decide if and when they can act.”

Ethical Considerations in Research for Pediatric Populations
“Addressing key ethical considerations regarding the research participation of those  who have not attained the legal age for consent to treatments or  procedures involved in biomedical studies.”

Ethical questions raised about trial on babies done without parents’ consent
“A new clinical trial comparing different oxygen levels on preterm babies in Victorian hospitals – without telling their parents – is raising major concerns among ethics experts and hospital staff.”


U.S. anti-trans laws won’t ‘save women’s sports’
“A tsunami of intolerance has engulfed the sporting world. Wave after wave of prejudice continues to make equitable sports participation difficult, and the most recent news heaves trans athletes of all ages overboard into a swirling current of exclusion and stigmatization.

Iranian Olympic Committee’s Ethics Commission: Women in Football Stadiums is ‘Concerning’
“The Iranian National Olympic Committee’s so-called Sports Ethics Commission has written to Mehdi Taj, the newly re-elected head of the Iranian Football Federation, asking that he impose tighter restrictions on women and girls coming to watch football matches at Azadi Stadium

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